Dear, resplendent and in love, at the Versace show

Dear, resplendent and in love, at the Versace show


Cher and her partner Alexander Edwards made their first official media appearance on Thursday night, posing for the cameras at the Versace fashion show.  

The 76-year-old diva turned heads as soon as she arrived at the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood. Dressed in a blue leather jacket and matching platform boots, Cher seemed madly in love with her date. The couple did not hesitate to exchange a few kisses in front of the photographers for their first official appearance as a couple. 

Cher and Alexander Edwards' relationship has caused a lot of ink over the past few months, particularly because of their age difference. The rapper and music producer is 40 years younger than the American star, who will turn 77 in May.

Love and music

Their romance began last fall and the couple are now working on new material for the Believe singer. Cher's last album, Dancing Queen, dates back to 2018.

The unveiling of the house of Versace's spring collection also had a number of stars running; Anne Hathaway, Miley Cryus, Dua Lipa, Channing Tatum, Pamela Anderson, Lil Nas X and Paris Hilton notably paraded in front of the photographers.