Death Alla werber: Alla Pugacheva scared fans sad post

The diva expressed condolences in connection with death werber

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Смерть Аллы Вербер: Алла Пугачева напугала фанатов скорбным постом

Alla Pugacheva

On Tuesday, August 6, died the fashion Director of TSUM store, and Vice-President of company Mercury Alla werber. The condolences expressed by many stars of the Russian show-business and fashion world. The tragic event was supported by the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva. However, with its mournful post she is scared of fans.

Watch the video about how Alla Pugacheva lives on a pension:

The fact that the singer has published on his page in Instagram photo with candles, and in the caption said: “farewell, Alla”. Because of this, some thought that someone is notified in the account of the death of the Alla.

Fans of the diva told her be careful to submit the information, because the network still managed to “bury”.

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“Alla, sweetheart, be careful! Half the country is scared, Who is this post posted. Take my breath away”, “Well, now everyone will think he died Pugachev! Strange wrote,” “God, scared! The bright memory of Alla werber! A long and happy life of Alla Pugacheva”, “What are you so afraid of all of us, dizzy”, “my God, my heart stopped”, “I was Afraid that the diva has died,” commented the network.

We will remind, the death of Alla werber officially commented on Russian Central Department store.

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