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Death at 71 of French singer Jean-Louis Murat

Death at 71 of French singer Jean-Louis Murat


French singer Jean-Louis Murat died Thursday at his home in Auvergne at the age of 71, his former record label Pias told AFP, confirming press reports.

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“Sentiment Nouveau”, “Fort Alamo” “If I had to miss you”: his groove and his haunting voice so particular as well as his independence tinged with provocation have made him an artist apart in the French musical world.


Coincidentally, the Pias label is due to release a compilation by the singer on Friday, bringing together 20 of his most emblematic titles.

The singer, who claimed to belong to Auvergne, experienced the heights of hits – parades in 1991 in favor of a duet with Mylène Farmer (“Regrets”) but claims to have always experienced the “hit” as “a confinement”.

“What I like is the song that becomes a hit, not the song which is already a hit before people have heard it” due to a calibrated production, he declared to AFP in 2014.

Willingly provocative, Jean- Louis Murat, born in 1952 in Puy-de-Dôme, caused a scandal when he started out with “Suicide, the people are dead”, some media fearing that this title was an incitement to suicide. The cover was signed by the photographer of the stars Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

He will know his first commercial success at the end of the 80s with “If I had to miss you”.

In my albums, “I tell to the most infinite detail all my sentimental life, as since the beginning of my career”, he said, at more than 60 years old. Extremely prolific, he released almost one album a year in recent years.

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