Death in a CHSLD: too early to talk about euthanasia, according to Éric Duhaime

D & eacute; s in CHSLD: too early to talk about yet & Eacute; ric Duhaime

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The deaths of thousands of seniors in CHSLDs could have been avoided, but it is too early to say that they fall under euthanasia, believes the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, unlike to his predecessor. & nbsp;

On the sidelines of the first party congress since his election as its head, the former radio host returned to the remarks made by the former leader, Adrien Pouliot, according to whom Quebec “practically euthanized 6,000 seniors”.

Based on a study by the Montreal Economic Institute, a “think tank” close to his party, Éric Duhaime asserts that 6,700 dead in CHSLDs were “avoidable”.

And he is calling for a public inquiry to determine whether some of these deaths really amount to “euthanasia”, as a doctor recently suggested during the hearings of coroner Géhane Kamel.

< strong> A form of “euthanasia”

On November 1, Dr Vinh-Kim Nguyen, who worked in a CHSLD during the first wave, compared end-of-life respiratory distress protocols, cocktails of drugs used to reduce suffering, to a form of ” euthanasia ”.

Earlier in the morning, Sunday, the former party leader, Adrien Pouliot, attacked the management of the pandemic by the Legault government while accusing the“ traditional media ”for being“ complacent ”towards the Prime Minister.

Adrien Pouliot

“Unfortunately, there are still many people who think that François Legault did an extraordinary job with the pandemic when we have only to look elsewhere to see that Quebec has practically euthanized 6,000 seniors in our CHSLDs through gross incompetence “, He declared, in front of approximately 425 militants gathered virtually.

Center right

At the end of the congress, Sunday, Éric Duhaime congratulated its activists for having adopted “clear positions on all other subjects”, in addition to the health crisis.

“Individual freedoms are not fair to deal with the health crisis, it is also in all other public policies in Quebec,” he said. When I say that we now have a real center-right alternative in Quebec, that's what I mean. ”

After speaking out in favor of general tax cuts the day before, Conservative activists on Sunday looked at their political party's proposals for education, freedom of expression, language, culture and immigration.

In particular, they voted in favor of reducing the immigration thresholds while offering more training in francization and for parents' freedom of choice in terms of education.

The name of the party has also been changed to include the mention “Éric Duhaime Team”, so as to distinguish itself from the federal government. At the same time, the activists agreed to francize the name of their political formation by withdrawing the qualifier “Conservative Party of Quebec”.

As for the proposal of the party's authorities to grant “baby bonuses” “To parents who give birth to more than one child discussed the day before, they preferred to opt for tax credits.

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