Death in CHSLD: Marguerite Blais will testify before the coroner on January 13

From this in CHSLD: Marguerite Blais will testify on January 13 in front of the coroner

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Major turnaround for the public inquiry led by Coroner Géhane Kamel: the Minister responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais, will finally come to give her version of the facts on January 13.

< p> The name of the elected appeared on Tuesday on the list of witnesses called when the hearings resumed, as did those of two senior officials of the Ministry of Health, Pierre Lafleur and Martin Simard.

The latter had been described by the coroner as a “missing piece in his puzzle” in order to clarify the circumstances surrounding the wave of deaths that occurred in CHSLDs during the first wave of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020.

In the case of Marguerite Blais, her testimony was first quashed after she fell on sick leave at the end of October, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, François Legault.

Yet, in Because of her title, she played a central role for CHSLDs at the height of the crisis.

Everything suggests that it will explain why the government did not respond to calls for help launched by private CHSLDs in mid-March, that is to say several weeks before the implementation of any measure to control infections in these establishments.

In fact, nothing has been done to prepare CHSLDs for the arrival of COVID-19 in Quebec, revealed an explosive report from the Ombudsperson published at the end of November .

Moreover, this report undermined the version of the former Minister of Health Danielle McCann, at the coroner's inquest, that a directive had been sent at the end of January to the CIUSSS of the health network to tell them to prepare their establishments, including CHSLDs.

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