Death in CHSLDs: Legault government accused of hiding documents

Catomb in CHSLD: the Legault government accuses of hiding documents

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Opposition parties in Quebec accuse the Legault government of hiding documents on CHSLD inspections during the first wave of the pandemic.

“What we are witnessing today is a real camouflage operation,” denounced the leader of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade. & nbsp; & nbsp;

According to the Liberal leader, the directive “necessarily goes back to the Prime Minister's office”. “He was the one who made the decisions,” she notes. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Like the other opposition parties, the PLQ was outraged to hear senior officials assert before Coroner Géhane Kamel that notes taken by inspectors during the first wave were not kept. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The Department of Health and Social Services then released a press release on Friday to say that no documents were destroyed. & nbsp; & nbsp;

An article from Radio-Canada revealed this morning that the inspectors had to send a form to the MSSS and that a copy of them could exist in backup. & nbsp; & nbsp;


The opposition parties fell headlong into the government on Tuesday morning. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“I recall that lying about the existence of documents and destroying evidence is to obstruct, obstructing the work of a coroner or obstructing civil proceedings or criminal proceedings that could result from facts in the possession of the government, it is very serious, ”declared PQ leader Paul St. Pierre Plamondon. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Québec solidaire sees it as an “attempt at concealment.” & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The three formations also denounced the outings of Prime Minister François Legault on the Nordiques, last week, associated with an attempt of diversion. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Prime Minister François Legault's chief of staff quickly reacted on Twitter to denounce the remarks of the oppositions. & nbsp;

“My comments will be attacked from all sides, but it is very bad to know @ francoislegault & nbsp; and his cabinet to imagine that we are hiding information following a perfect storm (pandemic). The first wave still haunts us. We will never forget, ”wrote Martin Koskinen. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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