Death of a black paramedic in 2020: the police officer who fired rehired

Black paramedic death 2020: The cop who fired rehired


An ex-American police officer who fatally injured African American Breonna Taylor in March 2020 by violating procedures has reportedly been given a new job with law enforcement, according to the Sheriff's Office of Carroll County, Tennessee. 

Former police officer Myles Cosgrove was fired from his job with the Louiseville Police Department in January 2021, after violating police procedures. used force and failed to use a body camera during an intervention, The National Post reported Monday.

It was to execute a narcotics search warrant in the middle of the night that Cosgrove and his two partners allegedly opened fire in the apartment of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black paramedic, after her spouse fired once in their direction.

In total, the officer allegedly fired 16 bullets, fatally hitting the woman.

Despite this, the three officers would not have been prosecuted in connection with the young woman's death, would have indicated the County Sheriff's Office of Carroll, confirming the officer's employment in its ranks on Saturday, in an interview with WHAS-TV.

Last November, the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council looked into the case of this police officer , concluding that the council did not need to revoke his certification as a peace officer.

A protest is reportedly scheduled for Monday in Caroll County to criticize the decision.