Death of Cameron Boyce : his parents have entrusted their grief, and epilepsy

Mort de Cameron Boyce : ses parents se confient sur leur deuil et l'├ępilepsie

Death of Cameron Boyce : his parents have entrusted their grief, and epilepsy

During the summer of 2019, Cameron Boyce died of a seizure during his sleep. A sudden death for the actor at the age of only 20 years. The parents of the star of the saga Descendants have established a foundation in the name of their deceased son to fight against this disease. they are income, moved, on the last time they saw him and their grief very difficult to live.

The parents of Cameron Boyce come out of the silence

The stars had been many to pay tribute to the actor for the Descendants, the saga of the Disney Channel. Cameron Boyce had died on the 6 July 2019 an epileptic seizure during his sleep. A sudden death that shocked, the actor being at the age of just 20 years. His parents, Victor and Libby Boyce have been invited into the american show The Doctors this Monday 13 January 2020. They talked about their son, their loss and their grief.

The parents of Cameron Boyce have started by telling that they had seen their son on the night of her death. They had dined with a family a few hours before the tragedy. “The next morning, I received a call from his roommate, who taught me the new. All of a sudden, it is as if I was in a fog. It all became white” has told to Victor, the father, “I thought not. It could not be true. It was a nightmare. I’m not supposed to survive my son”.

Their grief is “very, very hard”

For his part, Libby Boyce, the mother of the one who is in the cast of Descendants, 3, and admitted that their grief is “very, very hard” to live. “This is not something that’s over. We must learn to live with” she confided, very moved.

Together, Victor and Libby have decided to create the foundation of Cameron Boyce. An organization in the name of their child, who is involved in several causes that took to heart the young actor. Thus, they continue the search for epilepsy, fighting for the regulation of firearms in the United States but also for the access to safe drinking water. It is a beautiful way to continue the fight led by their deceased son.


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