Death of Charlbi Dean: his brother reacts to the theories on the vaccine and reveals his last moments

Charlbi Dean dies: brother reacts to vaccine theories and reveals his last moments

By Marie Piat Journalist Marie Piat is a journalist who can write about (almost) anything: series, films, TV, stars, fashion, manga… Lucifer, Harry Potter, the Kardashian-Jenners, Disneyland Paris, the films of Christmas, Les Marseillais or Dancing with the stars are among his favorite subjects. Charlbi Dean died aged 32 of a “sudden and brutal illness”. Several antivax have tweeted that the star of the film Without filter (Palme d'or at Cannes) would have died because of the vaccine against Covid-19. What push the brother of the actress to react to this theory … which he considers “ridiculous and naive”. He confided in the autopsy and the probable real cause of his sister's death.

Death of Charlbi Dean at 32: antivax think it would be because of the Covid-19 vaccine, his brother reacts

The death of Charlbi Dean Kriek at the age of 32 was a real shock. She was the heroine of Without filter (Triangle of Sadness in VO) by Ruben Östlund, the film which won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. The one who was also in Black Lightning, a DC Comics series, died on August 29, 2022 in New York.

As her fiancé Luke Volker came out of silence in a heartbreaking Instagram video, Alex Jacobs, Charlbi Dean's brother, wanted to react to the antivax theory. According to them, the actress died because she was vaccinated against Covid-19. It would be the coronavirus vaccine that would have killed her. A thesis that his brother dismantled in Rolling Stone magazine.

“So many questions still need answers, but one thing he is sure of is that the flurry of online comments claiming that Dean's death was linked to Covid vaccines – posts he himself saw and read – are unhelpful” it reads. “It's completely out of the question from our point of view,” he assured, “It's not the first wagon you have to jump on. I think it's completely ridiculous and extremely naive”.

“She died within hours”, he recounts his sister's last moments

Alex Jacobs recounted his sister's last day explaining that she “was staying in New York with her fiancé, Luke Volker, when she began experiencing some 'minor' symptoms which worried her enough to have Volker accompany her to the ER. She then passed away within hours”< /em>. “It literally happened in the span of a day: having a headache, falling asleep, waking up her boyfriend and saying please take me to the hospital” he clarified.

The real cause of his death revealed?

As for the real cause of death of Charlbi Dean , it was first indicated that it was of a “sudden and sudden illness”. And his brother knows more now, it would be a “viral infection in the lungs”. “The family is still awaiting the results of the autopsy” which“was in progress on Wednesday” he said, “We are still not fully sure (of what happened). An autopsy is underway and we know it may take some time. But what we heard is that there was a viral infection in his lungs.” .

The actress had a “very, very serious car accident” in 2009, which left her with broken back and ribs and a missing spleen . And it's the removal of the spleen following the accident that could have a link with his death: “We removed the spleen. The spleen is involved in the fight against infections, so it could have something to do with what happened. The absence of his spleen could explain that his body may not have been able to fight off the infection.”.