Death of Emiliano Sala : his mother, Mercedes Taffarel “sad” and “angry,” is expressed for the 1st time

Mort d'Emiliano Sala : sa mère Mercedes Taffarel "triste" et "en colère" s'exprime pour la 1ère fois

Death of Emiliano Sala : his mother, Mercedes Taffarel “sad” and “angry,” is expressed for the 1st time

Last January, the football world was in mourning following the premature death of Emiliano Sala, only 28 years old. Mercedes Taffarel, the mother of athlete who died in a plane crash, says he is always “sad” and “angry”. All the more that the circumstances of the disappearance of the player from FC Nantes who had just signed with the club for Cardiff are still unclear.

“They have not taken care of him”

The body of Emiliano Sala had been formally identified in February last, after several days of research in the English Channel. The athlete died at the age of 28 on January 21, 2019, in a plane crash, as he joined Cardiff for his new club. For the first time, his mother, Mercedes Taffarel was expressed in front of the cameras of The Team Survey : “I am angry, yes, that’s for sure”. Shattered by the disappearance of the former player of FC Nantes, france, she tries to hold out and take his evil in patience. “For the moment, I can’t say anything” she said, “I need more proof to be able to talk and give names”.

“They have not taken care of him. A player with a transfer as important… They have not taken care of him as he deserved” she lamented. Now, Mercedes Taffarel and the rest of the family from Emiliano Sala are waiting to know the truth. Because the circumstances of her son’s death still remain mysterious for the moment : “We expect to understand why and how he died. In what circumstances he died. Is that the fault of negligence of the airport, the pilot of the intermediary ?“. “I think that by the end of the year we will know what happened” she said.

“I want justice for my son”

To his immense pain and his questions is also another problem : Cardiff still has not paid for the transfer of Emiliano Sala. “The contract is signed. I don’t know why they don’t want to pay. We saw images, we saw the photos. His signature was placed on a paper,” she explained, “I think it’s a lack of respect vis-à-vis the family. It was signed in front of the press, in front of everyone. Therefore, they must pay”.

“The anger is terrible. Terrible” said the mother of the football player, “And the sadness, of course, for the whole life”. All she wants now is to find the one(s) responsible(s) : “the law determines if there was negligence, if someone is wrong, and that it pays. That those who have something to do with it pay for it. We talked about a lot of things, it was said that a driver had not shown up, another came to its place, etc”. And the reason is simple : “I just want to say that I want justice for my son”.


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