Death of Emiliano Sala : the pilot David Ibbotson “color blind” and “not allowed to fly at night” ?

Mort d'Emiliano Sala : le pilote David Ibbotson "daltonien" et "pas autorisé à voler de nuit" ?

Death of Emiliano Sala : the pilot David Ibbotson “color blind” and “not allowed to fly at night” ? The new revelations.

The tragic death of Emiliano Sala continues to be at the heart of the news. While the body of pilot David Ibbotson has not yet been found, new facts of the investigation have been released. The one who was responsible to bring the football player in flight up in England would have been color-blind and would, therefore, have never had permission to fly at night.

The driver “color blind” and “not allowed to fly at night” ?

The issues around the death of Emiliano Sala multiply. If the athlete’s body has been recovered thanks to many donations, the driver David Ibbotson has still not been recovered. The investigation continues and it would seem that elements previously unreleased raise new questions. In fact, the pilot who was aboard the aircraft on January 21, 2019, the day of their disappearance, with the former player of FC Nantes, who had just signed with the club for Cardiff, would have been “color blind” and “was not qualified to fly at night,” according to sources from the BBC.

The very serious media in the uk has stated to be based “on the faith of information from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)”. What is color blindness ? A disease that affects the vision and affects color perception. Which means that David Ibbotson would not have been able to discern the colours, and still less by night. The mother of Emiliano Sala, Mercedes Taffarel, sad, and angry, had also pointed out that the circumstances of the death of his son still remained unclear. This revelation, if true, adds new doubts to this matter.

The inquiry “continues to focus on licensing”

The AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch) has on its side nothing confirmed to the AFP (Agence France Press), explaining simply that “the investigation from the AAIB is ongoing” and that it “continues to focus on licensing”. As a reminder, last month, the AAIB had said that the plane carrying Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson was not allowed to perform commercial flights. Really, this whole plot thickens still further.


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