Death of George Floyd: an arrest “incomprehensible” for an investigator to retire

Mort de George Floyd: une arrestation «incompréhensible» pour un enquêteur à la retraite

The violent arrest that led to the death of George Floyd, in Minneapolis, is incomprehensible in the eyes of an investigator to retirement.

Guy Ryan believes that if the police officers had acted “properly,” “he would not have had this sequence of violence”.

According to him, the abuse of the power of the agent today laid off, Derek Chauvin, who is accused of murder in the third degree George Floyd, is sharp and clear.

“In the continuum of force, it is necessary to use the necessary force. In this case [George Floyd] is already handcuffed, it is already controlled. I see that there is an abuse of force,” says the former investigator. Especially as part of an arrest “which could be banal”.

“We do not see the utility of putting [the suspect] to the ground with the knee on the throat to make him lose consciousness and subsequently death ensues,” he says. It is unnecessary to make an arrest that way.”

History repeats itself

The death of George Floyd in the hands of white police officers is just as incomprehensible to Michael P. Farkas, of the round Table of the Month of Black history. “Myself, I am touched, I have no words.”

In the last few months and the past few years, Blacks are likely to have been killed during police operations that have gone wrong. “This is not the first time. One has the impression that it does not advance”, laments he.

Michael P. Farkas argues that an epidemic of hatred and violence raging in the United States. “The climate is conducive to it, it is extremely disturbing. Hatred breeds hatred.”

It is imperative to better train the police forces in order to avoid burrs and excesses, avance-t-il.

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