Death of George Floyd : important event in Vienna

Mort de George Floyd : importante manifestation à Vienne

More than ten thousand people, young people in majority, demonstrated on Thursday in Vienna, joining the international mobilization against racism and to denounce the death of the Afro-American George Floyd, found journalists from AFP.

According to several participants interviewed, it is one of the most important gatherings in the austrian capital in recent years. Pending a final assessment, the police spoke of a “very large number” of at least 10 000 people.

“The systemic racism is everywhere in the world, also in Austria. We have to stop him “, said to AFP Katharina Kohl, a 21 year-old student, waving a sign where was written ” hatred is not an opinion “.

“It is important to make a gesture, because this simply cannot continue,” said a publisher of 45 years, Richard.

The density of the crowd was far to allow the respect of the distancing physical, but many protesters wore masks.

“Silence = Approval “, “Silence of the white = violence white” could be read on some of the panels alongside numerous signs showing the slogan against police brutality “Black Lives Matter” (” The lives of black matter “).

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