Death of George Floyd: looting and scuffles in the United States despite the curfew

Décès de George Floyd: pillages et échauffourées aux États-Unis malgré des couvre-feux

Clashes between protesters and police have rocked Saturday night several of the large cities in the United States, placed under curfew to try to calm anger that has engulfed the country since the death of George Floyd.

President Donald Trump has promised to “stop the violence and collective violence”, after several nights of riots in Minneapolis, where this African-American 46-year-old died Monday at the hands of the police.

In this city of Minnesota, in the north of the country, officers dressed in riot charged the protesters who defied the curfew, pushing them back with smoke bombs and stun grenades.

Shortly before the protesters showed their determination to remain on-site. “They don’t give us the choice, there is so much anger,’ explained Deka Jama, a 24 year old woman came to “seek justice” for George Floyd.

Clashes also took place in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta, leading officials of these two last cities, as well as those of Miami and Chicago, to announce to turn a curfew.

Donald Trump, who has repeatedly criticised the death “tragic” George Floyd, has estimated that the rioters dishonored his memory.

“We must not let a small group of criminals and vandals destroy our cities”, he launched in attributing misbehaviour to “groups of the extreme radical left,” and especially “Antifa” (antifascist).

Military Police

The governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz has also exposed the external elements to its State which could be, according to him, anarchists, but also of the white supremacist or drug traffickers.

To regain control of the situation, he announced the mobilization of 13 000 soldiers of the national Guard of the State, a first, and has sought the assistance of the ministry of Defence.

Units of military police have been put on alert to possibly intervene in Minneapolis within four hours, said the Pentagon.

The military police cannot legally intervene on the territory of the united states that in case of insurrection.

Friday night, 2,500 police officers and soldiers of the national Guard and the imposition of a curfew had not prevented the Minneapolis-glare, with many looting and arson.

In the day, the inhabitants, armed with brooms, tried to give another image of their city. Minneapolis “hurts, burns,” commented Kyle Johnson, 28 years of age. “All I can do is clean it up.”

Others were prepared to new upheavals, and caulking their businesses, with large panels of wood. “We install them, we cross our fingers and hope that it will be okay”, was Nicole Crust, owner of a beauty salon already vandalized the previous night.


But in Minneapolis, as unfortunately, the tension is quickly rising. Crowds of protesters gathered in Dallas, Las Vegas, Seattle, Memphis, etc

And even in Washington under the windows of the president, the Trump, where tear gas and fire have obscured the horizon.

In New York, more than 200 people have been arrested after skirmishes with several more injured within the forces of the order. A Molotov cocktail was thrown inside a police car that was occupied. “It is a miracle that no police officer has been killed,” said police chief Dermot Shea.

In Atlanta, or in Miami, patrol vehicles of the police were burned.

In Los Angeles, five police officers were injured, and hundreds of people arrested when a peaceful protest has degenerated, once again, shops were burned and looting, especially in the luxury stores of Beverly Hills.

Everywhere, the protesters denounced the police killings that hit Blacks disproportionately.

In Houston, the home city of George Floyd where he should be buried Chavon Allen said that it was “tired, disgusted” to see his “brothers and sisters die at the hands of the police”. “My brother was shot, by mistake, by the police of Houston and the justice has never been made,” said this mother of a family.

The protesters want that this time, the security forces accountable for the arrest to his death, George Floyd, whose images harsh have round-the-world.

The white policeman Derek Chauvin, who, on this video, keeps her knee for several minutes on the neck of the forties, was arrested Friday and charged for “manslaughter”.

But for many Americans, this is not enough: they demand his indictment for murder and the arrest of three other officers involved in the drama.

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