Death of George Floyd: “scandalous”, “inexcusable”, condemns Boris Johnson

Mort de George Floyd: «scandaleux», «inexcusable», condamne Boris Johnson

The british prime minister Boris Johnson ruled on Wednesday ” outrageous “, “inexcusable” the death of George Floyd, an African-american killed by a white policeman in the United States, while asking the protesters to protest “legal and reasonable” before several of the actions planned in London.

“I think that what happened in the United States was outrageous, it was inexcusable “, said the head of the conservative government during the weekly session of questions from mps in the House of commons, its first statement on the subject.

“We have all seen on our screens and I understand perfectly that people have exercised their right to protest “, he added. “Of course, I also believe that the demonstrations must be conducted in a legal and reasonable “.

The death of George Floyd has triggered numerous protests and an outbreak of violence in many cities in the United States, but also in other countries.

An event is scheduled in the middle of the day at Hyde Park in London, while in the end of the day an association fighting against racism called on the demonstrators to ask knee to the ground in front of them in order to be able to express themselves while respecting the rules of distancing physical during the pandemic of COVID-19 last Sunday, hundreds of people demonstrated to express their outrage after the death of George Floyd up to the american embassy in the british capital. 23 people had been arrested.

Officials of the british police claimed on Wednesday to stand alongside “those who are scandalized” by the death of George Floyd, recalling the restrictions of gatherings due to the coronavirus.

“We are also outraged to see the violence and damage that have occurred since in many cities in the u.s.” they added in the statement published on the website of the national Council of the heads of the police.

“We know that people want to make their voices heard” and ” the right to protest legally is a key element of any democracy “, they write, recalling that gatherings of more than six people remain outcasts to fight against the coronavirus. “If people want to get together for any reason whatsoever, we ask them to continue to cooperate” with the police.

Highlighting the tradition of the british police to work in harmony with the population, police officials highlight their efforts to combat racism and discrimination.

So far, in October 2015, a report, a circle of independent think tank, Runnymede, considered that “racism is systemic and institutional” persisted in Britain.

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