Death of George Floyd: “the police had completely lost control”

Mort de George Floyd: «le policier a complètement perdu le contrôle»

The video showing the arrest muscled of the Afro-American George Floyd arouses general indignation. A police officer of Minneapolis press the man’s throat with his knee, while he never seems to have the opposite of resistance. The American 46-year-old died on Monday night.

The analyst police interventions Mario Berniquez considers that the police officer in Minnesota has completely lost control.

“It is disproportionate. In the action, we can understand that there is sometimes a resistance of the suspect, but there is nothing that shows in the videos observed”,-he said on Friday in VAT News.

Mario Berniquez also highlights the inaction of the colleagues of police officer Derek Chauvin, which stifles George Floyd.

“The other policemen around, his colleagues, do not move, it is terrible as an intervention. If we see that there is a slippage, the police must be involved and tell their colleague back.”

The video also shows the man on the ground was neutralized, that there was no danger to the police, the public and himself.

“He says he has difficulty breathing and is not a threat to anyone,” added Mr. Berniquez.

“The police have lost the card. When an agent totally lose control, the other police officers are there to take over, support it and regain control”, he explained.

George Floyd died on Monday evening. He had been arrested for a history of a ticket is $ 20. The four officers who participated in his arrest were dismissed.

An FBI investigation is underway. The population claims that justice is done as the mayor of the american city, which has been the scene of riots.

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