Death of George Floyd: “there is still work to be done to fight against racism,” said Legault

Mort de George Floyd: «il y a encore du travail à faire pour lutter contre le racisme», dit Legault

If racism in Quebec is not “as serious as [in] the American”, the fight must continue, believes the prime minister, François Legault, who reacted Monday to the death of George Floyd in the United States.

“It is really shocking, revolting and I understand all the people who were revolted, and I am of them”, was first shown to the leader of the Coalition avenir Québec about the video of the police officer putting his knee on the throat of the man who died a few hours later.

This incident occurred in Minneapolis, captured and broadcast on the social networks, has caught the United States and triggered protests, sometimes violent in several cities of this country.

François Legault has seen the evidence that “there is still work to be done to combat racism”.

There are still, in Québec, ” problems of racial profiling and a lack of representation in the forces of law and order “people who come from different communities”, has also admitted the first minister of Quebec.

“I think that it is necessary to tell the truth. Yes it is serious and what we see in the United States, and I don’t think our problem is as serious as the Americans, but we can not say that there was no problem,” he said.

Regarding racial profiling, François Legault believes that the “vast majority” does not in Quebec, but he has a special care for this problem.

This issue will be also studied by an advisory committee formed by Québec, which is conducting consultations with various actors of the world of the police in order to draw a portrait of the major challenges police are facing today.

“There’s an attention-to-door, and it will be in the green paper,” explained the prime minister in naming the report which must give birth to this committee.

Moreover, François Legault was pleased to see that the “great majority” of participants in a demonstration against racism held in Montreal on Sunday has complied with the distancing physical, as requested by the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda.

But it has called “unacceptable” the vandalism and the theft of several businesses in the town centre of the metropolis by “a few thugs”.

“Regardless whether one is shocked, I do not think it helps the cause,” he added.

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