Death of Godfrey Gao (Magnus in The Mortal Instruments) : the actor died at 35 years

Mort de Godfrey Gao (Magnus dans The Mortal Instruments) : l'acteur est décédé à 35 ans

The Mortal Instruments : Godfrey Gao (Magnus Bane) death at the age of 35 years

Known for his role of Magnus Bane in the film The Mortal Instruments : City of darkness, Godfrey Gao died on Wednesday 27 November 2019 at the age of 35 years. While the actor was in the middle of filming the reality tv show, Chase Me in China, he succumbed to a cardiac arrest.

Gofrey Gao died of a cardiac arrest

In 2013 came the film The Mortal Instruments : City of The darkness (adapted by later series called Shadowhunters) with Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell, Robert Sheehan (Umbrella Academy), or Kevin Zegers. There were also Godfrey Gao in the role of Magnus Bane. We learn today that the actor of 35 years died this Wednesday on the shooting of Chase Me, reality tv show, chinese in which the two teams opposed in an intense race.

Then he was running, he fell to the ground. Paramedics on the scene and immediately began to provide first aid and rushed to the hospital. After three hours of efforts to save him, the hospital said he died of a sudden cardiac death“, reports the production to the BBC. The agency in charge of Godfrey Gao, JetStar, then explains : “He has unfortunately left us, leaving us extremely shocked and saddened, and we are still not able to accept it. His family rushed to be by his side.” The announcement of the death of the star grieves the internet users.

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