Death of Igor Bogdanoff: to protect him, his family hid Grichka's death from him until the end

Death of Igor Bogdanoff: to protect him, his family hid Grichka's death from him until the end

Igor Bogdanoff never knew his twin Grichka was dead Six days after Grichka's death, it was Igor Bogdanoff who died of Covid-19 on Monday, January 3, 2022. The presenter died surrounded by his loved ones, a his agent told AFP. And he never knew that his twin, Grichka, had also died. This is what their lawyer said, confirming that Igor's family wanted to “protect” him by hiding the horrible truth from him.

The world of television is doubly in mourning. A few days after the death of Grichka Bogdanoff on December 28, it was her twin brother Igor who died in turn. The two brothers had contracted Covid-19 and had been hospitalized since mid-December in Paris. Their lawyer has confirmed that the two brothers were not vaccinated but the family remains silent on the circumstances of their tragic deaths.

Igor did not know that his twin had died

A few days ago, Luc Ferry, who was a friend of the twins, explained that Igor was not aware of the death of his brother Grichka. In his last days, the ex-columnist of TPMPalso did not learn of the death of his brother, confirmed their lawyer at the microphone of RTL this Monday, January 3 after the announcement of the death of Igor. According to Me Édouard de Lamaze, the relatives of Igor, who had six children, decided not to reveal this death to him in order to preserve him. “ What I know is that the family did everything to protect him from this terrible news. The family did everything to prevent him from realizing that he was alone in front of his destiny and that his brother left him” he said.

They almost wanted it to happen like this

In an interview this time given to FranceInfo, the twins' lawyer also talks about their deaths just six days apart. “We could not have written it. That said, they almost wanted it to happen like that. For them, it was such a permanent communion.” he confided. And to add: “When I received them at my office, they always came together, always spoke l one after another and never contradicted each other. They only complemented and enriched each other's words. It was exceptional.

In this same interview, Me de Lamaze again explained that the twins were not “anti- vaccines“. “'Why weren't they vaccinated?' There, we enter a much more intimate area, which is that of medical secrecy and modesty. It's certainly not for me, lawyer, to ask the question.” he said.

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