Death of Jean-Claude Lord: touching tributes

Death of Jean-Claude Lord: touching tributes


Marina Orsini and Marc Messier, two of the main stars of the cult series Spear and count, have joined their voices at the eulogy concert addressed to the filmmaker Jean-Claude Lord since the announcement of his death, last weekend, following a stroke.

Marina Orsini was only 16 years old when Jean-Claude Lord gave her her first screen role, in 1986, in the popular TV series Lance et compte. It is therefore with a great feeling of gratitude that the actress returned tribute to the director.

“At sixteen, my life took a turn towards the marvelous thanks to you”, wrote Marina Orsini in a touching message addressed directly to the late filmmaker, and published on his Facebook page.

“Our meeting made me discover a world, a universe where I could express all the life bubbling within me. From day 1, spectacular love at first sight! »

The collaboration between Marina Orsini and Jean-Claude Lord was not limited to the first season of Lance et compte.A year after bringing the famous character of Suzie Lambert to life, the actress and the filmmaker found themselves on the set of the family film The Frog and the Whale, one of the first feature films of the series of Contes pour tous

Their paths crossed again several years later, when Jean-Claude Lord took over the helm of the 4th and 5th seasons of < em>Roll and count, in the early 2000s.

“I learned my job with, and thanks to you, recalled Marina Orsini in her testimony. You were the first chance. Your confidence in me has been an extraordinary driving force. My little wingtips began to grow, were able to unfold, one scene at a time, one take at a time. Your curiosity, your passion, your love of actors, of stage life, of the camera… of your profession, what! »

Sensitive and attentive

Unlike Marina Orsini, Marc Messier already had several years of experience when he landed the role of Marc Gagnon in Lance et compte. The actor, who was then 36 years old, keeps very beautiful memories of his collaboration with Jean-Claude Lord, an “extremely sensitive” director who listens to his actors. 

“At the beginning, I had some fears because I thought that we were going to shoot the series like the soap operas of the time, with three cameras in the studio, he remembers. I didn't see how you could make a series about the world of hockey while shooting in studio sets.

“But when I saw that we were going to shoot in location, like cinema, that reassured me. Roll and count, it was a big board. There were a lot of people to direct, hockey teams on the ice, shootings at the Coliseum in Quebec, extras. But Jean-Claude [Lord] managed to put discipline into it all. With Lance et compte, he revolutionized the way of doing television in Quebec. »

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