Death of Lexii Alijai : the causes of death revealed

Mort de Lexii Alijai : les causes de son décès dévoilées

Death of Lexii Alijai : the causes of death revealed

While Lexii Alijai had their whole life ahead of her, she died suddenly at the age of 21 years on 1 January 2020. What has happened in the past ? Is she deceased of natural way ? It took the autopsy to discover the causes of the disappearance of the rapper, who made a name in 2014.

Lexii Alijay died from a drug overdose

We know what is dead Lexii Alijai. As reported by the doctors, who attended the autopsy, in a press release, the rapper, 21 years of age, found deceased in a hotel room in Minnesota, died of an accidental overdose : she ingested a deadly mix “of fentanyl and ethanol”. Of drugs, including oxycodone, fentanyl, and ethanol is definitely a big problem in the world of rap since in a very short time, it has claimed the life of Mac Miller, Lil Peep or Juice WRLD.

Lexii Alijai it was made known in 2014, thanks to his mixtape “Super Sweet 16’s”, “In the Meantime” and “Feel∙Less” and his covers of songs by Drake and Meek Mill. His first album “Growing pains” is released in 2017. The young artist has also been in the habit of working with Kehlani : “I am angry, confused, I’m heart broken, I am angry, confused. I love you Lexi, “said the singer on the new album of Justin Bieber.

“I miss you”

It is on Instagram that Kehlani has made a beautiful tribute, to the one she considered as her little sister : “I don’t understand what could have happened. I don’t know what you’ve done, but be brilliant, strong, kind and compassionate. My p*tain of the baby. You put my heart in to pieces. You were a star to me and every word that you said was true (…) I miss You. You were supposed to take control of the world, to bring back trophies, and plaques at home.


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