Death of Michel Côté: “We didn't know it would turn out badly like that” – Claude Meunier

Death of Michel Côté: «We didn't know that ça would go wrong like ça” - Claude Meunier


Claude Meunier was aware of Michel Côté's state of health, but he was unaware of the seriousness of the “difficult illness” from which his friend from the play was suffering Broue, then from the series La Petite vie.

“We heard about it from his relatives, especially from Marc Messier, explained the actor on the airwaves of LCN. I had known about it for a while, but we had no idea it would turn out badly like that.”

Claude Meunier revealed during his appearance on our airwaves that the close friends of the star of Cruising Barand Piché, Between Heaven and Earth hoped they would pull through. 

“There were times of hope,” he says.

Claude Meunier believed at one point that Michel Côté could join the cast of the new version of “La petite vie”, but Marc Messier told him that it would not be possible to carry out the project.

< p>“To be honest, I thought about it, yes. I did an episode where I thought where Michel would come to play. I spoke to Marc at one point and said “no, he won't come. Not in the state he is”. I forgot that.

“Everyone was asking me ‘is Michel going to be there’? Unfortunately, no, it didn't work out.”

A Leader

Claude Meunier met Michel Côté on the set of the play “Broue” and the two artists rubbed shoulders on stage a few times, forging close ties over the years.

“We knew each other In work. We are creative friends. It makes for very deep and very endearing friendships.”

Even young, Claude Meunier saw in Michel Côté “a great leader, a leader” who was refining his art.

“ He worked a lot. I am not surprised at its success. He had crazy talent, it showed, he insists. He was the one pulling the strongest project. With Marc Messier, it was a nasty duo. It's like two “scorers” of the high-level National League.”

Claude Meunier paid tribute to a “formidable” actor, a “champion” who had “very strong comic fiber”.

“He could be funny, funny and he could be touching two seconds later. It was his great strength. Great actors, that's it. He was 100% invested when he did that, Michel. It was his passion.”