Death of Romy and Norah: the mother of The girls will take the floor

Mort de Romy et Norah: La mère des fillettes prendra la parole

Amélie Lemieux, the mother of Romy and Norah Carpentier, found lifeless in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire Saturday, will be speaking publicly for the first time on Monday.

The mother bereaved is expected to 16 pm at the memorial built at the parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière in honor of his two daughters who had died, who were 6 and 11 years.

In a first time, the entourage of girls will gather near hundreds of stuffed animals, candles and words of encouragement that are found there. Then, the mother will make a statement to the media, according to what was stated by his lawyer, Maxim Roy.

Ms. Lemieux had sounded the alarm on social networks, on Thursday, the day after the disappearance of the children. “We need to regain my daughters and their dad”, she had a few hours after the discovery of the vehicle of Carpentier on highway 20 following a mysterious road exit.

An Amber alert had been triggered. It ended when the unfortunate discovery of the body, inanimate of the two young victims.

More details to come…

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