Death of the dean official of humanity in 112 years

Décès du doyen officiel de l’humanité à 112 ans

The British Bob Weighton, recognized by the Guinness book of records as the dean of humanity, died Thursday of cancer at the age of 112 years, announced his family.

The former teacher and british engineer was appointed in march by the Guinness as the oldest man in the world, but this title is played by South African Freddie Blom, who claimed celebrated its 116 years ago on may 8, last.

At the end of march, the oldest woman recorded by the academy Guinness was the Japanese Kane Tanaka, which celebrated its 117th birthday in June.

Bob Weighton “died peacefully in his sleep, of cancer, Thursday, may 28, 2020 in his apartment Alton” in Hampshire, about 90 kilometres south-west of London, according to a press release from his family.

Bob Weighton had celebrated what was to be his last birthday on march 29 closed because of the sars coronavirus and the particular threat it poses for the elderly. It was estimated that “the world is a little messy,” because of the pandemic. He had refused to receive a birthday card from the queen Elisabeth II, because it would be at the expense of the taxpayer and because he had already received at least 10 of his hand.

Born march 29, 1908 in Yorkshire, Bob Weighton was part of a family of seven children. He had three children, 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.

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