Death of the sisters Carpentier: “I would have given my life in his place”, said the biological father of Norah

Mort des soeurs Carpentier: «J’aurais donné ma vie à sa place», dit le père biologique de Norah

The relatives of the family of the two girls found dead Saturday in Saint-Apollinaire, whose biological father of the little Norah, 11-year-olds have difficulty understanding what could have happened.

“I was no longer in contact with it, but I never stopped to think about it. I would have given my life in his place, I swear to you!”, loose the biological father of Norah Carpentier, Jean-Philippe Vallières, by bursting into tears.

Just like its big sister, the young Romy, 6 years old, was found deceased Saturday in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire.

Outside of his life

Mr. Vallières explained that he attended briefly Amélie Lemieux, the mother of two little girls, 11 years of this.

But due to its problems of power consumption, it has preferred to stay out of the life of her child even before she is born.

In spite of everything, he has monitored the progress of his daughter through photos that he sent to Ms. Lemieux over the years, he says.

He was able to meet a few times in the past, but has not reviewed in the last two years, due to conflicts with the mother of Norah.

“I don’t understand… It was my daughter also. It is not I that high, but I’ve always had in my heart. Me, I’d have never done wrong”, he breathed.

“A guy quiet and reserved”

“It is on the ass, this is incomprehensible”, he exclaims to his side Guy Falardeau, the owner of Falex Painting, where Martin Carpentier, the father of the girls died, worked as a painter and a shooter attached.

A childhood friend of the man on the lam, who also worked at his side during long years until the recent events, also lives in the misunderstanding the more total since last Wednesday.

“I watched him grow up, we were on the same street in Quebec city when we were young, he often came to the house to play with my brother,” says the colleague, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Martin has always been a guy, quiet, reserved, its business. I never would have thought it would have been able to hurt his children, on the contrary”, adds the man, who ensures that Mr. Carpentier was very involved in the lives of young girls.

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