“Death” of Windows 7: people in panic buying computers

Experts predict a strong rise in prices of computers and laptops

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:25

"Смерть" Windows 7: люди в панике скупают компьютеры

In the world there is a surplus of computers

219 the second quarter of the year showed sales growth of personal computers and laptops in the amount of 64,9 million units is 4.7% more than last year. It is reported by the IDC based on the study of the Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker. But this trend may soon frustrating to hit the price of computers.

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The increased demand is characterized by several parameters: the mass transition of users on Windows 10 on Windows 7 (support will be closed in 2020), due to which the buyers purchased new computers, and also played the role of artificial saturation of the market, because vendors are afraid to raise tariffs on Chinese exports because of the conflict with the United States.

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Growth has significantly exceeded the expectations of analysts IDC. They explain it as a weakening of the shortage of components, including Intel processors, as well as lower the cost of components. This allowed the suppliers to fulfill old orders and at the same time to ship through the channels a significant number of new PC, says research Manager of IDC Mobile Device Trackers Jitesh Urbani.

The role played by the trade tensions: the threat of rising fees have forced many PC makers to ship an excessive number of desktops and laptops, which led to the artificial inflation of the market. Recall, most laptops at the moment are produced in China, and in the case of increase of duties on import of these products in the U.S. will increase their value on the American market.

TOP 5 popular laptop models in the II quarter of 2019

According to IDC, a market leader in table Lenovo, which shipped 16.3 million PC, showing an increase of 18.2% and increased its market share from 22.2% a year ago to 25.1%. In second place is HP with the volume of deliveries at the level of 15.4 million PCs, a growth of 3.2% and a market share of 23.7%. The company computers are best sold in USA, Japan and Europe.

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The third line of the rating took Dell, those shipped 11.6 million PCs, which is 3.1% more than a year ago. The market share occupied by the vendor, is 17.9%. In fourth place is Acer with the quarterly volume of deliveries at the level of 4.3 million PCs and a market share of 6.6 percent. Completing the top five Apple, which shipped about 4.1 million PC, showing an annual increase of 9.6%. The vendor owns 6.3% of the market. Like all Apple artificially increased the supply because of the fees.

Earlier, Microsoft predicted “death” with the Windows. And recently, Microsoft “killed” games for Windows XP and Windows 7.

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