Death protecting yourself from the COVID

Mort en se protégeant de la COVID

A couple married for more than 50 years protecting the COVID drinking coffee outside of les Halles d’anjou was tragically separated when a vehicle struck the SUV in which it took place.

“My parents had the habit of taking a coffee and a snack within the shopping centre. It was their exit, tells the story of hard Nancy Bergeron Taddeo. They jasaient, they are reminded of memories. “

Raymond and Monique Bergeron, the two Montrealers between the ages of 75 and 72 years, were a couple very kingdom. The truck driver retired, and the mother in the home “did not want to ever cause any disturbances,” stresses their only daughter.

In the parking lot

They were going to take their little cafe for a thirty years, to the Halles d’anjou, in front of galleries of the same name.

“They loved that moment of intimacy,” she continued.

But the pandemic has left them fearful of contracting the virus. They have therefore decided to continue this head-to-head, but by bartering the food court area of the mall to its parking lot outside.

Faithful to the post the first Saturday of July, they sirotaient quietly their coffee in their SUV still.

A little before 11: 40 a.m., a vehicle was actually a maneuver back in the rear parking lot of the Halles d’anjou, reports the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal.

For a reason still unknown, he then rode north and then went full force on the rear of the vehicle of Bergeron before ramming into a semi-trailer truck parked right next to it.

The driver, 76-year-old and his passing 74 years of age and have undergone only minor injuries. Expertise mechanics will determine the causes of the loss of control of their vehicle.

Thanks to the waistband

The mother of Nancy Bergeron Taddeo, who was attached, is out with a broken hip and pelvis, but his father, himself, has succumbed to his injuries a few hours after the collision, surrounded by his daughter, his wife and his two grand-children.

“It may be the belt that saved my mother “, she argues.

Arrived at the hospital, Mr. Bergeron has regained consciousness, but without recollection of the accident. “He was breathing only with the machine, breath-t-it. With medication to relieve the pain, he fell asleep and never woke up. “

Even if she still does not realize the death of her father, Nancy Bergeron Taddeo does not wish to maintain anger at the other driver.

“My children say that my father died as a hero because he has absorbed some of the impact of the other vehicle on the semi-trailer,” says Ms. Bergeron Taddeo.

“And my father was funny with his jokes,” she continued tenderly. He would have wanted that we continue to move forward together. “

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