Death sentence for man behind Iran's #Metoo

Death sentence for man behind Iranian #Metoo


Iranian justice has sentenced to death a man convicted of several rapes, in a case that sparked the #Metoo movement in the country two years ago, local media reported on Saturday.  

“Defendant Keyvan Emamverdi has been sentenced to death by the trial court,” Isna news agency reported, citing Shima Ghousheh, the lawyer of five of the plaintiffs.

“The complaint of my clients relates to rape and the justice condemned Emamverdi for corruption on earth”, one of the most serious charges in Iran, specified Me Ghousheh.< /p>

In the summer of 2020, at least 20 women denounced Mr. Emamverdi on social media, accusing him of putting drugs in their drinks without their knowledge to rape them. 

The police had called on these women to file a complaint against the man they accuse, a 33-year-old former owner of a bookstore in the student and intellectual center of Tehran. at the time, assuring them that they could remain anonymous.

The case then triggered an unprecedented wave of testimonies from victims of harassment and sexual assault on social networks, without however endorsing the hashtag #Metoo popularized in many countries, sticking to #tadjavoz (“rape” in Persian).

Other Iranians, including academics and artists, have been accused of rape and sexual assaults on the networks.

A few days after the arrest of the accused, the Iranian Vice-President in charge of Women and the Family, Massoumeh Ebtekar, encouraged women to denounce the sexual assaults, advocating for a better awareness of society.