Death star in four movies Superman (photo)

Умерла звезда четырех фильмов о Супермене (фото)

Sunday, may 13, in Livingston (Montana) died popular Hollywood actress Margot Kidder. She was 69 years old. First of all she is known for her role as Lois lane in the cult film “Superman.”

Margaret Ruth Kidder was born in Yellowknife in Northern Canada in a family of five children. Her mother was a teacher and her father a mining engineer. The career of actress Margot started in the late sixties on canadian television and was filmed mostly in westerns.

In 1973 the famous Director Brian de Palma believed in the young actress and gave her the lead female role in his film “Sisters”. After the success of the picture Kidder became the main canadian movie star. Already in 1974 she received two top canadian film award “Gini” for the film “a Quiet day in Belfast” and “Black Christmas.” And then she was summoned to Hollywood.

In 1977, the screens out the picture “Superman”. Superhero played by Christopher Reeve. In addition, one of the main roles played by the legendary Marlon Brando. And the main female lead was Margot Kidder. She gladly recounted how they got into the project, who is one of the most successful in those years. “I didn’t know anything about comics. Superman was to me an empty sound. But I liked the script. I caught it a humorous touch. And the sample rested exactly on the comedic nuances. It was like Richard Donner,” said the actress. Director Donner did not regret his choice. “Superman” has collected in world hire more than $ 300 million, which at that time was fantastic.

Умерла звезда четырех фильмов о Супермене (фото)

Margot Kidder successfully passed the audition for the role of Lois lane

Then came the “Superman 2” “Superman 3” and “Superman 4: the Struggle for peace.” Kidder and Reeve became a star duet. Many years later, Margo was surprised: “I Have two granddaughters, and people on the street still call me Lois lane. This is incredible!”.

Умерла звезда четырех фильмов о Супермене (фото)

Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve on the set of the first part of “Superman”

Kidder’s career remained successful until the mid-80s. Her personal life is not going well. Margo had Affairs with canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Director baiana de Palma, Steven Spielberg, the popular actor Richard Pryor. The actress was married three times. Her first husband was screenwriter Thomas mcguan. She bore him a daughter, but filed for divorce because her husband insisted that she quit acting in films and worked exclusively by the family. They broke up just when Margot got the part in the first “Superman.”

The second time Kidder was married to famous actor John heard (played the father in “home Alone”). They lived together for less than a year. Third husband of Margo was a famous French film Director Philippe de Broca (“Magnificent”). The third marriage lasted two years.

The actress was suffering from bipolar disorder, drank a lot. In 1990 she was involved in a car accident during the filming of the movie”Nancy drew and daughter”. Margo was driving. The police found that the actress was drunk. Two years she spent in a wheelchair. In this case sued the production company, which has suffered because of her huge losses. As a result, the Kidder was forced to declare bankruptcy. She sold all their belongings, including jewelry. After that Margo acted only in roles of the second plan. There were many, but the former glory of the actress they brought.

Ironically, in the role of Superman Christopher Reeve in may 1995, fell from his horse, broke his cervical vertebrae and was paralyzed. The last nine years of his life he spent in a wheelchair and died on 10 Oct 2004 from a heart attack.

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