Deaths in long-term care: Canada fares poorly

Décès en soins de longue durée: le Canada fait piètre figure

The proportion of deaths related to the COVID-19 in long-term care in Canada is the most important of the countries of the Organisation for economic cooperation and development (OECD), according to a report from the canadian Institute for health information (CIHI), released Thursday.

In analyzing the data of 16 OECD countries, including the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the CIHI has concluded that the percentage of deaths in long-term care in Canada (81%) is two times higher than the average (42%).

The country coming in second place for the highest proportion of deaths in long-term care is the Spain is 66%, while the lowest is found in Hungary (7%).

However, Canada is among the OECD countries, where the mortality rate of the COVID-19 is relatively low.

Among residents in long-term care, infected with the COVID-19, the mortality rate in Canada was 35%, far behind Norway at 83%, but well ahead of the Slovenia to 4%.

All of these CIHI data date of may 25 last. The Organization has clarified, however, that “in the context of international comparisons, the limits of the data are the result of the different ways to carry out the testing and report the data in connection with the COVID-19 from one country to the other, as well as different definitions of long-term care”.

Another finding: Canada has fewer workers (nurses and auxiliaries) per 100 elderly than in the other countries surveyed.

The analysis also shows that countries with “a model of regulation and organization of long-term care centralized” have fewer cases and deaths of the COVID-19. This is notably the case of Australia, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.

The low rate of infections and deaths related to the disease in these same countries, as well as in the netherlands, is also due to the fact that “prevention measures targeted specifically to the sector of long-term care” have been put in place “at the same time that the containment and closure of public spaces,” said CIHI.


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