Deaths in NURSING homes: Tam more reluctant to blame the provinces

Décès dans les CHSLD: Tam plus réticente à blâmer les provinces

OTTAWA – The administrative head of the public health agency of Canada Dr. Theresa Tam, avoids blame directly to the provinces for the high proportion of deaths due to the COVID-19 occurred in the establishments of long-term care.

On Thursday, the prime minister Justin Trudeau was, however, maintained that it was necessary to recognize that these had “failed”.

“I think it is a problem specific to the whole of society and each of us, every level of the public health, should take the responsibility,” said Dr. Tam on Friday, when she was called upon to define the role of the federal government.

It has, however, clarified that the centres long-term care falls more under provincial jurisdiction.

His remark prudent seemed much more moderate than that of Mr. Trudeau, when he reacted to a report in which Canada is a dunce. The canadian Institute for health information (CIHI) concluded that the incidence of deaths in this type of centres for seniors was the worst among the 16 countries of the Organisation for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

“It underlines the need to have conversations is extremely important with the provinces, while respecting that the centres of seniors are under their responsibility. But, somewhere, it must be recognized that the provinces have failed to take care of their elders”, had commented to the prime minister on Thursday.

It has linked this reaction to the need, in his eyes, that the provinces and territories accept his offer of transfers totaling $ 14 billion, shipments that would be subject to conditions.

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