Debate on the masks in the United States with the surge of Covid-19

Débat sur les masques aux États-Unis face à la poussée de Covid-19

MIAMI | covering the face has become a gesture of quasi-policy in the United States: the democrats are calling to make masks mandatory in public to stem the pandemic, and more and more cities are enacting locally, such as Jacksonville who will host in August the republican nomination Donald Trump.

More than half of the States in the country, largely in the South and West, to see their curves of contamination at the new coronavirus up rather than down.

“A lot of people imagined that everything would be better in the summer, that it would be finished. This has not even begun to improve, ” said Monday the number two of the Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC), Anne Schuchat, in an exchange with the video on the journal Jama. “There is too much virus in the country (…) It is very discouraging. “

The uncertainty weighs on the economy: the president of the u.s. central Bank, Jerome Powell, has judged the pace of the current recovery “highly uncertain” because of the virus.

The number of daily deaths still decline, that the government of Donald Trump in order to minimize the new outbreak.

But the number of newly detected cases is higher than at any time since the emergence of Sars-Cov-2 (more than 40,000 per day at the national level), and hospitalizations are increasing in several homes, as Houston (Texas) and Phoenix (Arizona), which makes us fear the worst for the table of the dead in the next few weeks.

Investiture hidden?

As for the mask, Donald Trump does not wear them in public, in contrast to the democrats, including his opponent for the White House, Joe Biden.

The attitude is found in the American: three-quarters of democrats say they wear a regular mask in retail stores, compared to half of republicans, according to a Pew poll.

It is in the disorder, according to the political divisions, and geographical, that the authorities are trying to contain the new wave of cases, recalling the scattered order in which, in the absence of federal leadership, the country was entered and then exited the containment.

The masks are now mandatory in public in at least 20 of the 50 u.s. States, according to the organization ASTHO and the AFP. Several governors democrats have decided in recent weeks, including in California and Nevada where Las Vegas. Those of Texas and Florida, republicans, encourage it, but they refuse to request it.

But Jacksonville, Florida is the last big city in the date you have declared the requirement, following additional cities including Miami. This is where Donald Trump has moved its convention to inauguration in August.

“He told me that he had no problem with the masks, and that he had to follow the advice of your local jurisdiction,” replied his spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany, Monday.

Many republicans, including the powerful head of the Senate Mitch McConnell on Monday, encouraging more active people to hide.

Other new restrictive measures decided at the local level: all of the beaches of south Florida, including Miami, will be closed along next weekend, including Friday which is a public holiday for the national holiday.

“In denial”

Face to the patchwork of decisions, the appeals go up for a national obligation of the mask in public indoor areas would be ordered by Donald Trump, including Andrew Cuomo, the democratic governor of New York.

“The White House is in denial about the coronavirus since the beginning “, has accused Andrew Cuomo.

The data confirm the effectiveness of the measure, says AFP David Rubin, professor of medicine and head of an epidemiological model at the children’s hospital of Philadelphia. He cites Richmond where the contamination have fallen sharply after the obligation imposed on the 29th of may in Virginia.

For him it is ” the only way to create a consistency in all of the countries to reduce the risk posed by people who travel from one region to another.”

For epidemiologists, there is an urgent need to intervene to reverse the trend.

Thirteen States, including the three most populous (California, Texas, Florida), will suffer more deaths in the next four weeks than in the previous four, according to the CDC. Of 125 000 people dead, the country can expect between 5 000 and 20 000 additional here on July 18.

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