Debbie Lynch-White and Olivia Palacci in the new series “Les Bombes”

Debbie Lynch-White and Olivia Palacci in the new series «Les Bombes


Debbie Lynch-White and Olivia Palacci will star in the new dramatic comedy from Séries Plus, written by Kim Lévesque-Lizotte. 

Les two actresses will share the screen with their colleagues Julie de Lafrenière and Sarah Desjeunes Rico with whom they will play “Les Bombes”.

Juliette (Olivia Palacci), Vicky (Sarah Desjeunes Rico), Claudine (Debbie Lynch -White) and Emma (Julie de Lafrenière), four thirtysomethings who do not know each other, will learn to stick together as they all end up in the same room in a center specializing in addictions.

Directed by Pascal L'Heureux, this fiction should be one that is good for the soul and in which strong characters address contradictions and questions about human nature as well as the desire to feel better about yourself.

Filming should begin in the coming weeks, particularly in Orford.

Split up into six episodes, “Les bombes”, written by Kim Lévesque-Lizotte and produced by Sovimage, will land on Série Plus next winter.