Déconfinement: a cover harmonious, considers the minister of Labour

Déconfinement: une reprise harmonieuse, estime le ministre du Travail

The minister of Labour, Employment and social Solidarity, Jean Boulet, is said to be positive relatively to the opening of shopping malls and hair salons as of Monday, everywhere in Quebec, with the exception of the Montreal region and in the MRC of Joliette that will have to wait until the 15th of June.

“Me, I anticipate that it will go well. Of course, there will be situations where there will be issues that are more specific, but to this day, it’s going relatively well. It is a recovery which is done smoothly and safely. We will not compromise health and safety of workers,” said minister Boulet, who was visiting Monday with the company Hichaud of Québec to mark the Week quebec of persons with disabilities.

Although it continues to follow “closely” the epidemiological situation, Mr. Boulet is confident relatively to the weeks to come.

“I see it in a positive way. It has been experienced in the manufacturing sector, construction and trade. There are health standards that have been established by the CNESST, in collaboration with the Directorate of public health, in a lot of sectors,” he said.

“To date, we have 14 guides sectoral and there are others who are on the way. I have to acknowledge the good will of the workers, unions and employers. It is involved in. There are approximately 1000 prevention officers who are available to answer questions and who can intervene in the workplace to raise awareness and to train. There is an adaptation, but after adaptation, the whole world is happy and in good faith.”

“We must remain disciplined in respecting the health standards are constantly repeated by the public health. It is necessary to continue to meet the health standards with great precision. This is the best way to prepare ourselves, as a community, to what is coming and better to control this virus there.”

With the COVID, the company Hichaud took a turn in its production for the manufacture of gowns and masks for protection instead of winter boots for children.

The rate of production is 10 000 masks and 1 000 shirts per week. The masks in the fabric are intended for businesses and institutions. Hichaud acts as a sub-contractor.

“Our client expects that you mount our production of 30 000 to 40 000 masks per week. It may be that we, in the future, if we see that there is a market, we will continue to develop this area here, keeping the manufacturing boots”, shared Louis Tremblay, director general of Hichaud.


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