Déconfinement: An open-door, hands-free designed here

Déconfinement: Un ouvre-porte main libre conçu ici

A quebec entrepreneur has developed a solution that allows you to open the doors with the forearms rather than the hands, which reduces the risk of contagion by the door handles.

The fear linked to the spread of the COVID-19 has prompted Richard Desjardins to make an extension for the door handles regularly affected, such as those of businesses and public buildings. “I watched the people in front of the door handle of a store and they were hesitant to touch it. Some were using their sleeve of the sweater to grab the “grip”, explained the entrepreneur.

Security measure

The feature of aluminum in the shape of a hook installs easily on door handles, and existing allows you to shoot with the forearm, which avoids the contact with the hands.

Mr. Desjardins believes that the open-door non-contact is the perfect solution for secure access to businesses and public services in the framework of the déconfinement.

Discussion with the government

The contractor has reported being in talks with government bodies which wish to put at the entrance of their buildings.

The product is available at a cost of$ 79 through the web site of the company LePortier located in Boisbriand, on the North Shore of Montreal.

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