Déconfinement in Montreal: rue Sainte-Catherine wakes up and customers are waiting for you

Déconfinement à Montréal: la rue Sainte-Catherine se réveille et les clients sont au rendez-vous

MONTREAL – life has resumed Monday on the rue Sainte-Catherine in downtown Montreal, but consumers should take their troubles patiently before being able to enter the trade of their choice.

In addition to having to wait in the queue, it was difficult for clients to remain at a distance, especially because of a massive construction site, leaving little space to walk. Of one-way streets have been put in place, but because of the queues, the pedestrians were at times touching in order to circulate.



In spite of everything, the opening of shops on non-essential decreed by the government has truly given life to the city centre, including the commercial artery main had been completely deserted since the beginning of the confinement, was able to see a team of VAT New.

Hundreds of clients have been seen at the lunch time, waiting a few minutes in queue to enter their favorite store, including Zara, Simon, and Best Buy.

In the store, Simon, a management team of mob has been provided to count the number of customers able to enter the trade.

Masks and covers-face, which are not mandatory, were omnipresent, and the gel to clean hands distributed in the shops.


New normal

“We’re going to have to move to steam all the clothes to try. It’s going to be an adaptation […], this is a period of changes, but everyone has learned to walk, it was difficult at the beginning, we fell, we will rise,” said Catherine Keskinbicak, supervisor, regional boutiques Tristan.

Some customers encountered on the street Sainte-Catherine were ridiculous to get in line, but admitted that they had no choice but to submit to the process. Others were all smiles at the idea of finding a life significantly normal.

Like Boxing Day in the DIX30

In Brossard, on the South Shore, TVA Nouvelles has also found a lot of enthusiasm for the reopening of all businesses that have a storefront, giving the allure of a Boxing Day at the Quartier DIX30 with long queues and happy customers, to shop.

At Best Buy, the company required the disinfection of the hands and the sellers have accompanied the customers in the store to minimize travel time and ensure that they do not affect the articles unnecessarily. The email always has the odds. The queue was massive at the time where a team of VAT New there, went there.



The most popular

Forty people were waiting for example in front of the clothing store Zara, who seemed to be the most popular of all. He had to wait for about 30 minutes before you can enter.

The head of security for the shop, Mohamed Rihani, had been in post since the opening at 11 a.m. “people respect The guidelines, everyone washes their hands at the entrance, people must keep their things on the self, nothing goes on the ground,” he explained.

Catherine Perreault and Bianca Ross-Abre prefer to try their clothing before the purchase and were looking forward to enter at the Zara. “It was starting to press! I need to find fancy clothes for the job,” quipped Ms. Ross-Abre.

Committed at the outer entrance to store shoes and clothes Off The Hook, Frederick Soucy communicated via text messages with the store manager to know when to let people.

“It is at a reduced capacity, that is 10 people in total who can shop, five on each floor. Today we are six employees to manage it all,” she explained.

Why go in-store?

If some people admitted that they would shop for fun, many found it difficult to make certain purchases without going to the shop.

“We made the photograph and the product you need is not available online,” explained for example Laura Ricci, in line in front of the Best Buy with her friend Judith Caron.

This last she said : “I know what I want, I’m not going to snoop”.

The two women were also short of coffee and their next stop was going to be at the Nespresso store.

René Aubé went to Sport Expert to exchange a tire for his bike. “I bought it yesterday, it was open, but I have not made the right size. I work in downtown and I’m on my lunch hour, I hope I have time to go there before it ends”, he explained, casting a glance at his watch.

Also met in the outside lane of the Sport Expert, Antoine had come to buy a bicycle. “I just see what there is, I’m trying not too to shop on the Web, it is better in person for this kind of thing”, he stressed.

The logistics of fitting

The procedure for the fitting varied a lot from one shop to the other.

The H&M fitting rooms were closed; customers were invited to take advantage of their 30 day guarantee to return the merchandise if it did not.

The clothing store Tristan, the rule was that customers bring themselves selected clothing to the fitting room, not the clerk. The clothes tried on, which had not been purchased were steam cleaned.

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