Déconfinement: Isabelle Charest sows the seeds of hope for the recovery of group sports

Déconfinement: Isabelle Charest sème l’espoir pour la reprise des sports collectifs

In front of the impatience of fans of hockey, baseball, softball and soccer, to name a few, the delegate minister for Sport and Recreation, Isabelle Charest, has delivered a message making it possible to imagine better days in the near future, on Tuesday.

“Work for the resumption of team sport are well underway and I think we’re going to announce soon the recovery in sports”, she said.

This being said, it should be understood that many disciplines will resume first under a “certain form”, a-t was specified.

The plans revealed since Monday by the different sports federations, such as Hockey Quebec and Baseball Quebec, painted a portrait of what will soon be allowed. No league, no tournament, but instead of exercises to hone the skills of individual players.

“It is important to remember that the notion of a gradual recovery conservative”, has also noted the minister Charest.

On the 13th of may last, the government had initially presented a plan for the resumption of sporting activities on the territory of quebec. Twenty sports and ten leisure activities were affected, including golf and tennis. The resumption of sports will take place in a next phase.


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