Déconfinement restaurants: there should be more flexibility in the measures, because the industry “is going in the wall”

Déconfinement des restaurants: il faut assouplir les mesures, car l’industrie «s’en va dans le mur»

Complex, difficult to apply and sometimes even risky for the employees: the measures put in place for the déconfinement restaurants do not just transform the experience of customers, but they also cause a lot of headaches to smaller restaurateurs.

“It is necessary [that the government] will adjust because it is an industry that goes in the wall”, was launched without a detour to Richard Lafrance, owner of the restaurants The Imperial and Robusto to Granby, QUB radio, Friday.

According to him, the parameters imposed on the conservators to the déconfinement are adapted especially to the high street and do not take into account the reality of the institutions more artisanal, where the atmosphere and the experience are paramount.

In an interview with Benoit Dutrizac, Mr. Lafrance was also worried for her cooks, for whom the wearing of a mask can prove to be downright dangerous in a kitchen where the heat is intense, particularly in the heat.

LISTEN to the full interview of Richard Lafrance at QUB radio:

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