Déconfinement: the baseball passes in the second heat

Déconfinement: le baseball passe en deuxième manche

With the announcements of government about the déconfinement team sports outdoor, baseball can finally breathe and begin his recovery plan directly into the second round.

The game is not yet won, but this is a “Finally!” many felt that launched the director of Baseball Quebec, Maxime Lamarche, after he has taken cognizance of the return from training outside as soon as Monday.

In its recovery plan for seven innings, Baseball Quebec may submit at-bat in the second inning, with groups limited to 15 people, without a receiver in the event of a confrontation launcher-hitter. There will be, for the time being, no activity in the form of part and the distance of two metres must be respected. Despite these constraints, Baseball Québec is pleased.

“It’s been months that we are working on a plan to return and finally we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We could chigner saying that it’s not going fast enough, but it is assumed that there will be cuts. As and to the extent that the public Health will be approved, you will be able to bring in facets of the game that we come closer and closer to the baseball normal”, is ecstatic Maxime Lamarche.

Usually, the teams are in training within six to eight weeks in the spring.

“In the context that we live, anyway, the next 4 to 5 weeks that we have before us for practice are needed,” underlines Lamarche, who regrets only that the tournaments are cancelled.

Good news for the Capitals

The Capitals of Quebec, who are anxiously waiting to make their debut in the League Frontier with the Eagles of Trois-Rivières, have also received the message from the government Legault as good news.

The president of the Capitals, Michel Laplante

“The willingness of teams to play, even in a season shortened, is completely there. The players, many good Canadians, are available. It lacked the permission to play and we just have. Remains to see if we can fill the stadium to 30% and if the borders will be open. There are three criteria out of five filled -“, has sighed the president Michel Laplante, who sees a season shortened, from 10 July to 20 September.

The dome that covers the playing surface of the stadium Canac should be removed from the 15 June, so that the work is completed one week later. The stadium will also be used in minor baseball.

The dek hockey is ready

If the indoor hockey remains confined, the dek hockey outside breathe a sigh of relief.

“It’s a small step, but we advance. It offers a game system alternative that allows us to respect the distance of two meters. It is easy to burst into tears that this will not be real hockey, but the crisis has put a lot of pressure on the owners of the centres. There is an opportunity, and the alternative meets the needs of customers”, said Frédéric Bourgouin, president of the regroupement HockeyQC, which represents 35 organizations.

“This is very good news, because it’s been a while since the players want to move. It is correct that it starts so even if players prefer games to training, because in the last three months, 80% of the population is inactive. It will help reduce the risk of injury. In the context, it is the best we can do with what we are given. It will evolve with the situation”, said for his part, Martin Allard, Dek Hockey Drummond.

The baseball situation of the parties

  • Lance ball rather than the launcher (atom and mosquito B)
  • No gap and flying purposes (up to a pee-wee B)
  • Washing hands after each half inning
  • No sunflower seeds or gum
  • Balls supplied by each team in defensive

The dek hockey in the situation of the parties

  • Corridors of 2 meters (not out)
  • Distance of 2 meters from the keeper
  • Bottom of the territory (behind the goal line) reserved for the defensive
  • No update to the game
  • A single arbitrator, to the outside of the surface


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