Déconfinement: the world has entered a “phase” dangerous”

Déconfinement: le monde est entré dans une «phase dangereuse»

GENEVA | The déconfinement is the order of the day in many countries affected by the pandemic of sars coronavirus, but that is to enter the world in a “phase-in” dangerous”, warned Friday the world health Organization.

“The virus continues to spread rapidly, it remains a deadly disease and most people remain at risk”, warned the head of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stating that its services had identified Thursday, more than 150 000 new cases, a record on a single day since the beginning of the epidemic.

Nearly half of these cases were recorded on the american continent and the pandemic is also growing in south Asia and the Middle East.

The cap of 450, 000 deaths (and more than 8.5 million cases) was crossed on Friday, according to official statistics collected by the AFP, but that experts believe is largely under-estimated.

Mr. Ghebreyesus has admitted that “a lot of people are obviously tired of staying home. The countries are eager to reopen their society and their economy”, but the end of containment or a restriction of the mobility are to “enter the world in a new and dangerous phase”, he warned.

Wastewater monitoring

In Italy, the experts went looking for traces of the virus in samples of wastewater were determined that it was present in the sewers of Milan and Turin in the month of December, 2019, which is two months before the first patient is identified in the country.

Traces were identical also found in the wastewater of Bologna (center-north) on January 29, 2020, while the first case an official of coronavirus was reported on 20 February, in the small town of Codogno, near Milan, shows a study from the ISS, institute for public reference on the peninsula.

The Institute also cited a Spanish study that has identified the virus in the sewage of Barcelona collected in mid-January, “approximately 40 days before the notification of the first indigenous case in Spain.

“Our results confirm the evidence acquired now at international level on the importance of surveillance of the virus in samples from wastewater,” says Luca Lucentini, head of the ISS.

This technique will be implemented in July with the supervision of any traces of the virus in wastewater in tourist locations in italy.

European recovery

In the Face of the economic crisis of the most severe caused by the pandemic, the leaders of the european Union met on Friday through video conferencing, but have not taken any decision, foreseeing to meet, in person this time, in mid-July in Brussels to find an agreement on a recovery plan solid.

An agreement on this plan of 750 billion euro, designed to take out the Old Continent of a historic recession, would mark a major step in the european construction. Because this amount will be for the first time taken on behalf of the EU on the markets, breaking the taboo of a common debt in europe.

The virtual summit has allowed each leader to disclose its objectives and margins of negotiation, on the proposal of the Commission to support a european economy that is affected.

It will be particularly important to overcome the reluctance of the four “frugal” Countries – the netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark – very reserved on this plan, which will benefit primarily the countries of the South.

On the front lines of the pandemic, 25 new cases were reported Friday in Beijing, bringing to 183 the number of new patients since the last week in the chinese capital’s 21 million inhabitants.

The chinese authorities have published scientific data suggesting that the virus responsible for the rebound of the epidemic in Beijing would be a version that have circulated on the european continent there are several weeks or months.

“It is possible that the virus that causes today an epidemic in Beijing, has traveled from Wuhan to Europe and is now back in China,” says Ben Cowling, a professor at the School of public health, the University of Hong Kong.

Local management and flexible

In Ukraine, where restrictions on movement have been lifted on 11 may, the authorities have indicated that they would réimposer by places of containment measures.

“In some areas, strict restrictions should be imposed”, said the minister of Health, Maksym Stepanov, the country has registered, in three days, a third record newspaper of new cases, with 921 contamination.

In the United States, where a rebound from the sars coronavirus has been observed in a score of States, especially in the South and West of the country, the infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci stated in an interview with AFP, that new containment measures will not be necessary.

According to him, priority must be given to a very local and flexible approach to the epidemic, in particular on the issue of the reopening of schools.

The United States, where nearly 120,000 deaths have been beset, are by far the most affected country in the world by the pandemic.

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