Deemed racist, the film “gone with the wind” removed from the platform HBO Max

Jugé raciste, le film «Autant en emporte le vent» retiré de la plateforme HBO Max

The movie “gone with the wind, described by some historians of a revisionist, has been removed from the platform streaming HBO, Max, in full protest against racism and police violence against Black people in the United States.

The feature film river (3h58) released in 1939, is considered by many scholars as the instrument of the most ambitious and effective of the revisionism of the south.

It presents a version of the romantic South, and a very watered-down versions of slavery, including the house staff portrayed as satisfied with his lot and treated like ordinary employees.

This reinterpretation of a dark period of american history is the work of the movements are very organized in the former confederate States, who are attached to show the South before the Civil war, in a presentable condition.

The fundamental Point, the ideology of the “Lost Cause” (lost cause) argued that the Southern States had fought for their political independence, threatened by the North, and not for the maintenance of slavery, which is against the historical truth.

If in raw numbers, “the Avengers: Endgame”, is the film that has brought the most revenue in the history of cinema, with $ 2.8 billion, “Gone With the Wind”, its american title, remains in the lead once taken into account the inflation, with $ 3.44 billion.

“”Gone with the wind” is the product of its times, and portrays racist stereotypes that were common in american society,” said Tuesday, AFP, a spokesman for HBO Max to explain the removal of the feature film with 8 Oscars.

For the HBO, Max, hold this film in its catalog, “without explanation and denunciation of this representation would have been irresponsible”.

The platform plans to submit the film online, but with a contextualization to situate the work in its time.

The film will be presented in its entirety, because to do otherwise would be tantamount to “as if these prejudices never existed,” said the spokesperson.

Launched at the end of may, the platform of the group WarnerMedia (a subsidiary of the cable operator, AT&T) HBO Max poses as competitor to the giants of the streaming in the first place Netflix, with a catalogue, well provided with series and movies.

The film is still accessible on other platforms, including the rental on Amazon.

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