Deep and dangerous: Dorofeeva and Monatic blew up a Ukrainian Youtube new track

Глубоко и опасно: Дорофеева и Монатик взорвали украинский Youtube новым треком

Ukrainian artists have pleased music lovers duet song

The soloist of group “Time and Glass” Hope Dorofeeva, which recently showed a fabulous holiday in Bali, presented a joint song “Deep” , recorded a duet with Dima Monticom.

“Out of the comfort zone seems to be a danger. But today is the time of collaborations and extraordinary experiments. This Duo is fresh and dangerous as the song itself. Dive deep into the atmosphere of freedom movements and thinking Monatik & Nadia Dorofeeva”, describing his new hit Ukrainian musicians.

It should be noted that the new composition Dorofeeva and Montica relished the Ukrainian music lovers. In less than a day, the track “Deeply” listened to more than 200 thousand times and put 21 thousand likes.

It should be noted that the idea to record a duet appeared during the project “dancing with the stars”, in which participated artists: Monatic the jury, and Dorofeeva – on the floor.

“I have long believed deeply in what this Duo sooner or later had to happen. It happened! It is fresh and dangerous as the song itself. She may long to sit down deep in thought. What is happening with us — I used to sing she used to sing with an immensely talented Positive. But today is the time of collaborations, extraordinary experiments. In my understanding this was a good one, given the fact that we all got a great pleasure from the process,” – said Dmitry in the “high life”.

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