Defectors send half a million leaflets of propaganda to North Korea

Des transfuges envoient un demi-million de tracts de propagande vers la Corée du Nord

Balloons carrying a half-million leaflets of propaganda anti-Pyongyang have been sent from South Korea towards the North, announced on Tuesday that the defectors to the origin of this action is likely to feed the anger of the regime recluse.

The north Korean regime has multiplied these past few weeks, the verbal attacks against Seoul, criticizing, inter alia, the fact that these dissidents based in the South send in the direction of the North this propaganda in the middle of the balloons carried by the wind.

After breaking the official channels of communication, the North Korea was destroyed last week by the liaison office which had been opened in September 2018, just north of the demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and symbolized the relaxation appeared this year on the peninsula.

Some experts suspect the North to take the pretext of the mailing of flyers to create a crisis to all parts in order to extract concessions, at a time when the international negotiations on the nuclear are at the point of death.

The south Korean authorities have sought to prevent the defectors from north korea to send the leaflets, at the risk of being accused of restricting freedom of expression.

But the organization of Fighters for a North Korea free announced on Tuesday have sent the evening before to 20 balloons from the border city of Paju.

They were carrying a total of 500 000 leaflets, 2000 dollar bills and a thousand USB keys, said in a statement the head of this association, Park Sang-hak.

“The leaflets against the North have been brought to the North by the winds of the South,” he said, promising to repeat this kind of operation.

Pyongyang has several times stated that these tracts were an insult to the dignity of the north Korean leader Kim Jong One. The official news agency of north korea KCNA reported Monday that the regime had prepared 12 million leaflets to destination of the South.

North and South had previously been the custom to send this kind of flyers. But the two parties had agreed to cease and desist the operations of propaganda, including broadcasts messages through speakers at the border – at the first summit between Mr. Kim and south Korean president Moon Jae-in in 2018.

The news agency south Korean Yonhap reported Monday that North Korea had begun to relocate to the vicinity of the DMZ, in several points, speakers.

The relations intercoréennes have continued to deteriorate during the past year, in the wake of the fiasco of the second summit between Mr. Kim and the president of the United States Donald Trump, in February 2019 in Hanoi.

The dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington has foundered on the inability of the two parties to agree on concessions that North Korea should do in exchange for the lifting of sanctions imposed to compel it to abandon its nuclear and missile programs.

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