Degrading initiations: Measures 30 years overdue, says NHL veteran

Degrading initiations: Measures 30 years overdue, says NHL alumnus


The degrading and savage initiations into hockey scandalized many people, especially Robert Sirois. The former Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals player simply cannot believe it, and he expressed it well at the microphone of Benoît Dutrizac, via QUB radio.

“ You are going to have five, six, seven players who have mental problems who are going to have fun hurting people,” according to Mr. Sirois.

QMJHL commissioner Gilles Courteau assured that such degrading initiations that those discussed in Ontario do not occur in Quebec. Nevertheless, he claims to have taken special measures to prevent this from happening. A contradiction, says Robert Sirois.

“I trust young people who have spoken more,” said the former hockey player.

The former NHL player saw initiations, especially when he played for the Rosemont National, whose owner was none other than the wrestler Johnny Rougeau.

“All the new ones had their heads shaved”, he explained, adding that Mr. Rougeau did not like long hair. But that's all.

An interview that allows us to compare two eras, and even to learn from the past.