Demand for collective action against Facebook

Demande d'action collective contre Facebook

A request for collective action against Facebook has been filed in the courthouse in Montreal, Tuesday, following many denunciations in the matter of assaults and misconduct that have made headlines in recent weeks.

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In its request, the complainant identified by the initials C. D. is taking on the giant of the web – which is also the owner of Instagram – because his name figured in a list of individuals reported anonymously to the alleged actions of a sexual nature.

“C. D. is a natural person whose reputation and dignity have been achieved following the inclusion of his name and his first name in a publication is defamatory and damaging published on the page “say her name”” can it be read in the document.

In a press release, the firm CALEX, that driver the application, states that “this approach is not intended to condemn the victims of sexual assault and allegations that are made in the framework of the current provisions of the law”.

Its purpose is rather to lead the court to decide in regards to the role of Facebook and its responsibility in the large scale distribution of content that is “unlawful” that will “cause prejudice to third parties”.

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