Demi Lovato, Demi Lovato, Cardi B… the first costumes of the stars for Halloween 2019

Demi Lovato, Demi Lovato, Cardi B... les premiers déguisements des stars pour Halloween 2019

Demi Lovato, Nina Dobrev, Cardi B… the first costumes of the stars for Halloween

While Halloween 2019 fast approaching, some stars have already taken the lead by unveiling their first costumes. Nina Dobrev for example, is disguised as Mary infiltrates and Billie Eillish, Demi Lovato in Pennyswise (the clown from Ca), Cardi B in sexy nurse or Vanessa Morgan (Riverdale) in Evil. The following is to discover on PRBK.

Each year, the stars come out of the great game for Halloween ! It holds a Rita Ora Post Malone, Joe Jonas in Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones, The Weeknd in Beetlejuice, Kylie Jenner by Christina Aguilera, Noah Centineo, which has formalized her relationship with Alexis Ren, in Gaston from beauty and the Beast or even Heidi Klum in Fiona in Shrek, Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop and much more. We reserve the celebrities for this version 2019 ? Some of them we have already given a small taste.

The first costumes of the stars

The program ? Nina Dobrev as Mary infiltrates, to Chanel, and Billie Eillish, Vanessa Morgan (Riverdale) in Evil, Jessica Biel in Justin Timberlake to the days of NSYNC, Kiernan Shipka (The New adventures of Sabrina) hell, Heidi Klum in Grinch sequined, Cardi B in nurse sexy, Demi Lovato in Pennywise (the clown from It), or Stormi in his mother Kylie Jenner.

Demi Lovato dressed up as Pennywise

Nina Dobrev as Mary infiltrates and…

… by Billie Eillish

Vanessa Morgan in Evil

Cardi B in sexy nurse

Stormi in Kylie Jenner

Jessica Biel in Justin Timberlake at the time of NSYNC and Justin Timberlake in micro

Kiernan Shipka at the devil

Heidi Klum in Grinch sequined with her husband Tom Kaulitz

Paris Hilton as a dancer of cabaret

Taylor Lautner as Batman and his girlfriend Taylor Dome by Harley Quinn

Marseille have also celebrated Halloween in advance. If Benjamin Samat is disguised as a Nun, Greg and Paga in the Joker, Manon Marsault, Julien Tanti, Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj, Maeve Ghennam, Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika, which are new as a couple, have chosen costumes bloody.

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