Demi Moore has revealed scandalous details of the life of Ashton Kutcher

Hollywood actress accused ex-husband of adultery

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Деми Мур раскрыла скандальные подробности жизни с Эштоном Кутчером

Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher

Famous American actress demi Moore, which was previously suspected affair with a female designer publicly told the shocking details of the married life with Ashton Kutcher.

Earlier, the actor Ashton Kutcher is a hit man. The details in the story:

Hollywood beauty in his memoirs entitled “Inside out” accused ex-husband Ashton Kutcher that he twice betrayed her and persuaded to have sex in a Threesome – with another woman. While the memoirs only announced and not released edition, but the fragments of autobiography was published by Radar Online.

“I wanted to show him how cool and funny I can be. But a Threesome is too much,” wrote the 56-year-old celebrity.

According to Moore, immediately after the refusal in group sex, Ashton cheated on her marital bed with a young girl named Brittney Jones. After it the actor was another mistress.

Деми Мур раскрыла скандальные подробности жизни с Эштоном Кутчером

Hollywood actress demi Moore

“In his defense, Ashton said that all this happened due to the fact that we have attracted an outsider in their relationship, which to some extent blurred the lines,” said the actress.

Note that the couple had been married 6 years. According to the actress, during this time, she miscarried in her sixth month of pregnancy, after which it became depressed, began abusing alcohol and strong painkillers.

We will remind that earlier in interview, Mila kunis told about the divorce with Ashton Kutcher and his “pregnancy”.

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