Democratic primaries: Biden takes decisive lead and reaches out to Sanders

Joe Biden took a decisive advantage in the Democratic primaries on Tuesday and reached out to his opponent Bernie Sanders to beat “together” Donald Trump in the November presidential election in the United States.
M ississippi, Missouri and, above all, Michigan, a symbolic catch: the former vice-president of Barack Obama largely won at least three of the six states at stake during this “mini-Super Tuesday”. Results from Idaho, North Dakota and Washington State were still awaited.

“I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and passion,” said the champion of the moderate camp to the socialist senator.

“We have the same goal and together, we will beat Donald Trump, we will unite this country”, he launched in a sober speech, ensuring to embody “the return of the soul of the nation”.

Silence of “Bernie”

What will Bernie Sanders do now? Pressure from the Democratic establishment, which fears that its far-left ideas for the United States will frighten centrist voters, immediately increased to withdraw in the name of the rally against the Republican president.

In the immediate future, the senator, returned to his stronghold in Vermont, decided not to speak publicly on Tuesday evening, according to American media. A silence that speaks volumes about the dilemma of one who advocates a “political revolution” and has electrified often young crowds around his promises of universal health insurance and free studies.

“It’s not over,” a figure from his campaign team, Nina Turner, just tweeted.

A spokesperson for “Bernie” gave an appointment to the next televised debate, which will be for the first time a face-to-face meeting between the two candidates in their seventies. “Sunday, America will finally hear Biden defend his ideas, or his lack of ideas,” joked Briahna Joy Gray.

Joe Biden, 77 years old, big favorite since his victories of the last ten days and the cascading rallies of ex-moderate candidates, has confirmed his ability to assert himself very widely in the South of the United States and among African-Americans. , a key electorate for Democrats. But also beyond, in an industrial stronghold in the Midwest like Michigan, which the Democrats hope to snatch on November 3 from Donald Trump who had won a surprise victory there in 2016.

Thanks to his very clear victories, he garnered many delegates called to nominate, in July, the Democratic candidate for the White House. And his lead always seems more difficult to catch up for “Bernie”, 78 years old.

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