Demolition of the Marc-Bernard media library, real estate projects in Pissevin: urban renovation motivated the Nîmes municipal council

Demolition of the Marc-Bernard media library, real estate projects in Pissevin: urban renovation motivated the Nîmes municipal council

La démolition de la médiathèque, fermée depuis juin dernier car les agents n’étaient plus en sécurité, a animé le conseil municipal. Archive MIKAËL ANISSET

The subjects of security and real estate in priority neighborhoods were discussed during the Nîmes municipal council on Saturday April 6.

The priority districts of Nîmes occupied a good part of the debates of the municipal council this Saturday, April 6 at the Town Hall. Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier also, in the preamble, assured that the City would assume its responsibilities in its area of ​​competence.

He also indicated that he had met Jean-Philippe Nahon, director of the Gard national police, to recall that he was counting on the State to fight against drug trafficking. "I was able to discuss with him the timetable for opening the future joint National Police/Municipal Police station in Pissevin and the signing of the Integrated Security Contract which should be done in the coming weeks&quot ;, added the mayor.

Porte des Arts Project

There was also talk of real estate projects relating to the new urban renovation program in Pissevin. Thus, a deliberation allowed the City to transfer, for a little more than 505,000,000 euros, two lots to the SCCV (of Nîmoise Stéphanie Sagnard) La Porte des Arts, in this area. from the south of the district. One concerns the construction of 22 collective housing units on three levels and businesses on the ground floor (over 2,000 m2). The second lot provides for a medical center and a pharmacy on three levels (991 m2).

Demolition of the Marc-Bernard media library, real estate projects in Pissevin: urban renovation motivated the Nîmes municipal council

The SSCV Porte des Arts project will include 22 collective housing units on three levels south of Pissevin.

Still in Pissevin, the implementation of the Safeguarding Plan for the co-ownerships of the Richard Wagner gallery was also the subject of a deliberation as well as the securing of the Grillons construction sites and the Claverie residence at Mas de Mingue . It is not so much these real estate projects in priority neighborhoods that agitated the ranks of the opposition, but rather the project to demolish the Marc-Bernard media library in Pissevin.

The place has been closed since last June because the agents no longer felt safe near a deal point. "The media library can hardly be maintained. As part of the work, we prefer to demolish it", replied Jean-Paul Fournier to Christian Bastid, elected official from Nîmes, citizen on the left.

Huge financial waste

The communist departmental councilor challenged the mayor on the fact that the Department was not informed of this project even though it is one of the financiers with, of course, State: "There is still time to revisit the Anru project and keep the media library. The general interest must take precedence", launched Christian Bastid.

For her part, Valérie Rouverand (Progressive group) spoke of the "renunciation and the enormous financial waste caused by this decision which  enough to shock. How can we explain that 1M€ of public money spent three years ago be wiped out with the stroke of a pen. […] We can really doubt that the demolition of the Wagner gallery was never really worked on before the tragedies of this summer (Editor's note, fatal shootings at the end of August). They are the ones who dictated their law and not a political will. […] This neighborhood and the people of Nîmes deserve more consideration."

Olivier Bonné, deputy responsible for monitoring urban renovation, recalled that the current positioning of the media library, taking into account the planned work, did not argue in favor of maintaining the site in the same location. The cultural venue must be moved to the future project not far from its current location. The building of nearly 2,000 m2 will include a boxing room and therefore the media library. This will integrate a temporary structure during the years of urban renovation work.

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