Demonstrations in continuous mode to save the Fairview forest

Demonstrations in continuous mode to save the Fairview forest

Opponents of the Cadillac Fairview real estate development project, near the fairview mall, have promised to hold demonstrations every Saturday near the affected woodland until they are successful.

They were at a fourth demonstration, on December 19, when about thirty of them were stationed on Brunswick Boulevard, at the corner of Fairview Avenue and at the intersection of Saint-Jean Boulevard.

Equipped with signs and pamphlets, they tried, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., to convince as many motorists and passers-by.

“We got a really good reaction from the motorists. It honked constantly. A lot of people didn’t know what was going on with the pitch. People were receptive, ”said Geneviève Lussier, organizer of the events and spokesperson for the group Sauvons la forêt Fairview.

The public is really opposed to the new development, she said. “I hope the City realizes how people are really against it. They don’t understand how it could happen, how we could lose the last forest in the area, ”she says.

The woodland targeted by the proponent is notably delimited to the south by the A-40 service road, Brunswick Boulevard to the north and Fairview Avenue to the east.


Cadillac Fairview wants to build 5,000 residential units there, such as apartments, houses and condominiums. The firm also plans to develop green spaces, offices, a new retirement home, a boutique hotel, restaurants and community retail businesses.

Aware of civic protests, Cadillac Fairview Vice President Development Jeroen Henrich ensures that sustainability is at the heart of the project’s vision.

“An important aspect of the project is the creation of pedestrian crossings accessible to cyclists, new parks and public places, as well as the protection and enhancement of 8 acres of forest, which will include footpaths and bicycle paths” , he details in an email to West Island Metro.

The project would meet all the criteria set out in the City’s urban plan, while several discussions took place with the municipality, Mr. Henrich.


The development of the new development will require the almost complete razing of the woodlot, which is 50 acres, the equivalent of 37 American football fields.

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